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This is Fortitude South Coast (FSC) Headquarters, where we bring you first class coaching, a humble and friendly community, with the ultimate aim of enjoying your fitness journey and getting better each day.

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Fortitude South Coast are a humble community, made up of positive and hardworking people who have the same passion for training as we do. People who are dedicated to making themselves better each day.

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Our gym workshops are specifically designed to focus on two separate areas, Olympic Lifting and the Fortitude Fundamentals. These are designed for those looking to make improvements in these areas.

Fortitude South Coast Mission Statement

To improve health, fitness and longevity of life to allow our members to live a life they desire to lead.

Fortitude South Coast are a humble community, made up of positive and hardworking people who have the same passion for training as we do. People who are dedicated to making themselves better each day through training functional movements, eating well, taking rest days when required and having a tonne of fun along the way!

Fortitude South Coast Training Programmes

1. The Person – Focusing on the person and building everlasting relationships supported by specific goal setting and coaches support.


2. Process – Assisting the clients to commit to the process, what daily discipline in the form of good habits look like, in order to master their goals.


3. Ability – To delve deeper into the client’s physical attributes, which enable the coaches to programme design effectively around their specific goals.


4. Strategy – The final piece of the puzzle, how the clients approach each workout and maximise their time spent in the gym or at home, to maximise output.

Meet The Coaches


UK Armed Forces Boxing Champion 4 Consecutive Years

Paul Coach Fortitude South Coast


2012 and 2013 Crossfit Regional Competitor

Karl Coach Fortitude South Coast

Mick Dickinson Fortitude South Coast

Mick Dickinson Testimonial

At the age of 61, I’ve trained with lots of people over the years, but Karl at FSC is by far the best, the online training package is great. Daily feedback and a fantastic training routine, my fitness and strength has improved no end.

Mick Dickinson

Janine Clarke Fortitude South Coast

Janine Clarke Testimonial

I joined FSC in August 2020 on bespoke programming and I haven’t looked back since! Paul is down to earth and the best at what he does. I’ve seen huge results since working with FSC and as a busy Mum, I love the fact that my workouts are one thing I do not have to organise.

Janine Clarke

Luke Wilson Fortitude South Coast

Luke Wilson Testimonial

As a coach myself you have an expectation that your athlete’s will listen and respond to the programme you are providing them. It’s exactly the same as an athlete with FSC, they listen to your needs, respond to any new issues that arise and then adapt and overcome.

The team are great, the programmes are great and I cannot wait to see more progress than I have already made as a result of working with them.

Luke Wilson

Brett Lilley Testimonial Fortitude South Coast

Brett Lilley Testimonial

I have been working with Karl for just over 6 months now. I have always wanted to be able to unlock my full potential in CrossFit and become a competitor in the Sport of Fitness. Previously I had been taking part in local CrossFit Gym Classes, but felt like I needed something specific to my needs and highlight my own weaknesses. As Karl said to me when we first spoke “Your only as good as your weakest movement” – this was something that has stuck with me from the beginning and motivated me to become better. Through the use of their online platform, I have always got my coach in my pocket to keep me on track.

Brett Lilley

Elaine Jack Testimonial Fortitude South Coast

Elaine Jack Testimonial

Best coaching team around. If you want to make a real difference to your body (and mindset) without the stress of planning all your workouts these guys are unbeatable.

Elaine Jack

Etham Yates Fortitude South Coast

Etham Yates Testimonial

FSC have something for everyone, I was amazed at the time and effort that goes into each individual that chooses one of their programmes. Highly recommended.

Etham Yates

Pete Oswald Testimonial Fortitude South Coast

Pete Oswald Testimonial

Top class programming from two experienced coaches. I’ve been with FSC for 3 months following a Bespoke Sport Training plan, in the short time I have seen huge improvements in my strength, speed and power. I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Pete Oswald

Cathy Dickinson Testimonial Fortitude South Coast

Cathy Dickinson Testimonial

I’ve trained heavily in a variant of sports in the last 40 years. I’ve lifted heavy loads as a nurse and at one point in my life I was a Fitness Instructor where I completed a university sports injury course, which enabled me to oversee and deal with injuries in my own martial arts club.
Since training with Karl and FSC I am highly impressed by his knowledge, guidance and professionalism in his one to one training approach. Due to auto immune issues and rotator cuff injuries I had lost my love for training and more or less gave up on it. However, since working with FSC I am no longer in pain, I’m stronger and more flexible than I ever have been. I think I am fitter than I ever have been and I’m very excited about entering the CrossFit Open.

Cathy Dickinson

Louis Hylands Testimonial Fortitude South Coast

Louis Hylands Testimonial

Been on the Bespoke Training plan since September 2020 and I highly recommend it. This team know what they are doing and will get you results. Would recommend FSC to everyone and anyone.

Louis Hylands

Testimonial Logo Fortitude South Coast

Shane Jacobs Testimonial

FSC Bespoke Training plans are the best on offer, strongly recommended working with this unique team.

Shane Jacobs